About this campaign

On hold due to a broken arm!

Currently on ride day 8 of 22, location Columbus, OH.


I will be starting my journey 1 September from my home in Buffalo NY and riding to an Air Force base located in the State of Mississippi. Over this time I will be riding 22 days, on average 67 miles per day, in order to bring awareness to this terrible thing happening in our veteran and civilian community alike. Along the way I will be stopping and talking to as many people as humanly possible trying to spread awareness that there are outlets and avenues for help. I hope you consider reading my message, buying a shirt, or even making a small donation if at all possible. 100% of the proceeds will go to Mission 22 and their programs. Any amount can go along way and I believe together we can make a difference. You can follow along with my journey on Instagram @fitinstinctmvmt or right here on this site with my live tracker. I would also love to hear your story, how suicide has effected your life and how things have changed because of it so please shoot me an email under the contact link, I would love to dedicate my rides to individuals throughout our community who have personally been affected by this. I can’t wait to hear from you and I want to personally thank you in advance for considering a donation!


The hardest part of war should not be coming home. For the concept of my ride I want to tell you not about what drives me to do this, or even how I will accomplish the mission, but WHY I am riding. WHY have I chosen to embark on the long journey is driven by a purpose. A purpose to help. I am honestly sick of losing my wingmen to a battle unrelated to deployment. One that can be avoided.

I will not be able to single handedly lower suicide statistics, which is why I need your help. I need for you to become part of my WHY which is the main reason I am sharing my message. For a change of this magnitude to take place I need all hands on board.With your help we can do this together. Share the word, educate yourself on the signs, and become involved in reducing the ever growing rate of suicide.

With an average of 22 Veterans a day committing suicide, we realize there needs to be a change. Suicide will not remedy the vicious mental battle, but instead suicide passes it on to another being. One voice in a sea of mumbles may be all it takes. Your voice, words, kind heart, courage, and time can go a long way when someone is facing a battle of this magnitude. Know you are not along, know there is help out there, do not become a statistic. Our mission as peers, wingmen, battle buddies, and shipmates is to do just that. One today is worth two tomorrows, but that only stands true if tomorrow comes. For the vets struggling, hurting, and contemplating we are here for you.