What Drives you to become Better?

As you get older you learn the true value of things. The true importance of items placed in your life and the exact purpose they serve. No longer do I find myself looking for popularity in the things I don’t enjoy for the simple acceptance of others. I find myself wearing high red, white, and blue socks while rocking Birkenstock because I enjoy it, not because I am looking for others to approve. For me I now find comfort in being different and going against the flow when everyone else just seems so “the same”. Do not waste your life with trying to belong in a world that’s ever changing. Stop simply trying to keep up. Stop wasting your time with trends, fashion, and popularity. Be genuine. Be YOU. Having the ability to not care what others think because I have finally become so accepting of myself that others thoughts, opinions, and judgments truly no longer matter to me has been the moment that literally lifted the weight from my shoulders. I now feel free to choose what I wish without being subject to judgment of others. We will never truly please everyone so do not waste your valuable time and effort in doing so. Surround yourself with good quality people who only build you up as opposed to tearing you down. Remove the people who no longer add true value to your life as hard as it may be, you’ll thank yourself in the long run. Be genuine. Be YOU. Wear what you want. Be who you want. Challenge gender roles and the roles society has set forth for you because you can do exactly that. Don’t give in to society and the status quo when it feels so wrong to do so. Stand out in a crowd of people who are constantly trying to be the exact same human being as everyone else. In those moments be different. Be the change the world needs to see and let people know it is okay to be exactly that, different. They say when life hands you lemons, make lemonade. I don’t know about you, but life has never handed me any lemons. Life has handed me ups, downs, good times and bad, nights of endless laughter, and periods of tears that I thought would never reside. Life has handed me people. The best kind. Ones who are there for you even when you don’t want them around, but they know they need to be. Ones who came out of nowhere exactly when they needed a place in your life. Life has handed me happiness and joy, far more good days than bad and I owe it all to them. To the humans I call my best friends, my family, and my peers. Not to the lemons. So if life is handing you lemons, instead look at the person giving them to you and realize maybe that’s exactly what you need. A kind heart to talk to. Someone who is giving you a key piece to the puzzle you need in order to move on with the next challenge thrown in your face by the world around you. Its okay to look beyond the obvious and find the cause. I wanted to start this blog with a little something different than what this page will be necessarily geared towards. Yes I want to open a gym, yes I love training people, yes I try to do whatever I can to help out and raise fund for things I believe truly matter. However, it all starts with being a better version of you, the rest will all fall into place after the fact! Cheers!

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