I love you, I appreciate you, and you are important

Today I am better off than I once was, but not as well off as I will one day be. These words I have written can be taken a few different ways.

We always search for an end, a conclusion, set a goal, but should we settle at that. For the end marks the finish, or so they say, but why not look beyond that to the remarkable future. To further growth. We spend too much time focusing on something thinking it’s exactly what we want, what we need, and for what exactly? Approval of others. What happened to self satisfaction. Knowing you’re in the right place, at the right time, doing exactly what you need to be doing. We strive for instant gratification. Relationships are precious. Emotions have been lost in social standings and approval of others that we no longer grow together. We no longer socialize in the matter in which people before us once did.

Challenge yourself to do that. Tuck your phones away for a day and see how much that small gesture changes your attitude, your friendships, and your conversations with others. We lost the will to care for the real individuals in our lives because they don’t always tell us what we want to hear. Raw facts can be painful, but often times that is exactly what we need. Rejoice in this day you’ve been given. Tell a random stranger, or even someone you know something positive about them that you enjoy. See how a simple compliment can lead to a smile, and that alone can slowly change the world. Stop focusing so much on the end result that you lose yourself along the way. Tell yourself that today you are better off than you were yesterday – because potentially you have grown, learned from mistakes, met new people etc. Then realize you are not as well off as you will one day be. Think about it. Take today and become a better version of yourself.

1. Challenge your comfort zone

2. Always show gratitude when and where it’s due

3. When speaking to someone, truly be present in the conversation

4. Don’t view each situation as “how can I benefit from this,” but rather, “how can this benefit others”

5. Your opinion isn’t always the correct one

6. Speak from your heart and say what you mean. Don’t tip toe around the truth

7. It’s okay to need time alone. In fact, learn to love times of solitude and personal growth

8. Raise tomorrow’s generation to be a better version than our own

9. The most valuable thing you can give somebody is your time

10. Stop looking for happiness in others, that comes from within

11. Take time out of your day to tell someone you love them, you appreciate them, and that they are important.


Onward 🚲

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