Things I’ve Learned So Far.


Feet are best utilized when firmly planted on the ground.
Leave the flying actions for winged objects and creatures.
The state of Ohio has some awesome bike paths (also hospitals)
Amish children are the cutest little things on the face of this planet. Especially when they’re cheering for you.
Farm animals, mainly cows, do not like cyclists near their property and will in fact charge.
I have the best support group on the planet.
Peas are best consumed in solid form, or not at all. Preferably not at all.
Things can always be worse. They also usually get worse before they get better.
Parents, even if they aren’t yours, can somehow read you.
Bike paths are for making friends and going fast.
People are willing to help you succeed if you let them.
Do not, under any circumstances, think you can ride your bike near Ohio states stadium on game day. It’s mad house. #gobills.
Dogs, although they look friendly, will no doubt chase you.
People find their way into your life when you need them the most.
Calcium consumption is not overrated.
Do not miss an opportunity to say thank you.
Always assure your loved ones you care for them.
Challenges are placed in your life to measure growth, not defeat.
No challenge is ever too large if you remain positive and optimistic.
It’s okay to ask for help.
Always be specific, especially when giving directions.
Railroad tracks are for trains, not bikes.


Although my part of the mission is complete, it’s still not over. People are stepping up to finish the remaining miles I could not. What better way to display the saying “you’re not alone”, than to act upon it. Suicide prevention is not a job for one person, which has become more concrete now than ever before. Maybe this was how it was supposed to be all along. In my moments of weakness others have become more than willing to step up for me. Isn’t that what this is all about? Together this will be accomplished! Thanks to you!

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