To each and every person taking time out of their day to log miles for me, thank you. To see a community come together for a common goal is something so powerful and inspiring it has left me speechless on multiple occasions. Individuals I have never even met have connected with me because they read my goal, my mission, and wanted to become a part of it. Sports teams and coaches, gyms, cycling groups, friends, family, and strangers have pulled together to accomplish what I started, but could not finish alone. My hat goes off to you all. I’ve come to the realization that this was how things were supposed to end all along. Suicide awareness can not and will not be reduced by a single person alone. It takes a movement such as this to spark the proper momentum for a positive and everlasting change.

For those who have been following my journey I have an update for you. Initially I was said to have a radial head fracture. This type of break didn’t require casting, which was the main reason I figured I could press forward and finish what I had begun. My follow up appointment with the Ortho added a wrist fracture to the mix, which was when I made the call to stop. I no longer had mobility of my wrist or thumb due to the beautiful piece of blue fiberglass they so kindly placed me in. The follow up to the follow up has added yet another bump in the road. Now they have found a break in the distal end of the humerus along with a bone fragment in my elbow joint, which has put a hault in my full range of motion. Fingers crossed nothing else decided to explode and spontaneously combust upon impact. Apparently 27 is not my year

With this, however, I’ve realized multiple things. Life is fragile, unpredictable, and a blessing we often take for granted. In a short moment your world can literally be flipped upside down, flung through the air, and slammed on to the pavement. Often times this occurs with little to no control of your own. With everything happening in the world today causing heartache, devastation, and sheer chaos, my situation is very minimal in comparison. However the outlook can be viewed in a similar fashion.
1. Although I am itching to get on my bike and cannot, at least I have a bike to ride.
2. My arm is badly broken, but it will one day function properly again (hopefully)
3. My test results have not been the ones I’ve desired, but at least I have the luxury to get them done ensuring everything is alright, medically.
4. I had to step down from something I’ve started and have been unable to finish, but at least I had the ability and immense amount of support to initially begin.
5. In my times of struggle physically, mentally, and emotionally there has been someone to selflessly help me back up despite what they may be going through. Not just with this, but with everything
6. Unlike many of our fellow Americans in this current time, I have a home to go to at night, water to drink, and food to consume.
7. Every moment placed in your life is a learning experience.
8. Appreciate each and every moment in your life, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem.

It’s not about the things that happen in our lives we may not enjoy because that’s a daily occurrence. It’s about how we react to those situations with our heads held high and our spirits intact. For me this has been a testing time, although I may not always show it. I want you to keep this in mind though. Be humbled in knowing that there is always someone struggling with something much more painful, more devastating, and far more terrible. So yes you may be broken, but someone out there needs you to be their inspiration and motivation to get them through to the next day. Love your neighbor, your family, your friends. Be a pleasant human to all of those around you. Especially important to those you’re meeting for the first time. Don’t not miss a single opportunity to express to those around you how you feel. Gear your life and guide your life to be one lived with compassion, grace, and honesty. It’s okay to be broken, but keep your mind open to the situations others are also encountering. Again, I love you all, appreciate you all, and you’re important to me. Also, never take your dominant hand for granted again. Typing with your left hand, and left hand alone, is a challenge.

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